Meeting of the Shared Mission Commission in Vienna

On Friday, June 9, the Shared Mission commission of the Conference of Europe met in Vienna, in Maria am Gestade, in the presence of P. Joh. Römelt, the European coordinator. It was the first time since 2018 that this commission met in presence. Of course, the members knew each other personally from many video conferences and from meetings during the assembly and the first phase of the General Chapter.
The commission’s agenda included shared mission structures (implementation of the directory) in Europe as well as the subject of formation (implementation of the ratio formationis for shared mission). During the conversation it became clear that a thorough, shared reflection on a spiritual level about mission on a CRE level is a precondition, in order to be able to speak sensibly about structures afterwards. With regard to the formation, there was brainstorming about the possibility of missionary laboratories in the CRE as joint learning experience places. Many other ideas were also reviewed.
The majority of the members of the commission will be present during the third phase of the General Chapter in Tuchow and will contribute their ideas.
2 pim Bild
In the photo: the members of the commission (Assunta la Rocca, Bohus Zivcak, P. Martin Leitgöb, Eric Corsius) and P. Johannes Römelt at the shrine of St. Clemens M. Hofbauer in Vienna
Eric Corsius

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