The tasks and the authority of the Coordinator in the Conference
[ From “Final decisions of XXIV General Chapter” ]

The Coordinator, working in a spirit of collegiality with the Assembly, will exercise his delegated authority in the apostolic life of the Conference, in the following areas:

  • International and interprovincial communities and initiatives;
  • Initial and ongoing formation;
  • Promotion and implementation of economic solidarity;
  • Development of a social apostolate;
  • Assistance to weaker Units that need help in organizing their structures;
  • Promotion and facilitation of a process of fusion or federation, or other forms ofassociation, where appropriate; and
  • Accompaniment during General Visitations.

The principal tasks of the Coordinator are:

  • To guide the process of wider missionary discernment in the Conference;
  • To chair the Conference’s review of life in a missionary perspective;
  • To act as “animator” and support for new missionary initiatives in the Conference;
  • To be attentive to the needs of fragile Units and to facilitate necessary decisions;
  • To help the Conference find good structures for initial formation;
  • To facilitate ongoing formation for confreres called to new initiatives, which may include establishing interprovincial and international communities; and
  • To act as liaison with the General Council in all matters pertaining to the Conference.