General Visitation to the Province of Lviv

The General Visit of Lviv Province of Redemptorists was held from 24 September to 23 October 2013. On behalf of Superior General, two visitors: Fr Juventius Andrade (General Consulter) and Fr. Jacek Zdrzałek (Coordinator of CRE) met almost all of the Redemptorists who are working in 11 communities in Ukraine. Year 2013 is also the jubilee year when the confreres celebrate 100 years of Redemptorist ministry in Ukraine.

The Province is young with average age of 42,67. There are 121 confreres, so it is one of the largest CSsR Units (in CRE on 4th place and in all CSsR world on 11th place). After painful religious persecution they started to enjoy freedom only from 1990. During this brief period of time the Province has made great achievements.

The missionary work of the province takes place on many levels: parishes, retreats and missions, youth ministry, pastoral care of the sick and those in prisons, ministry to migrants, mass-media, etc. There are 13 churches and main chapels where the Redemptorists working in Ukraine. The Province runs also a seminary and there are 24 seminarian and novices.

The Province has great missionary zeal and 17 confreres are working outside Ukraine. The confreres from this Unit serve Ukrainian immigrants in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Russia and USA. Last year the Province have established a community in Minsk for eastern rite Catholics in Belarus. Lviv Province is also helping confreres of Yorkton province in Canada in their ministry.

Last year the Province made decision to create a special team of Parish missioners. Since Feb 2013 this team is totally dedicated to missions and retreats. At the same time this team is responsible for the retreat house in Lviv. But not only Redemptorists from Mission Team but many other confreres are also involved in missions and retreats.

The visit gave also the possibility to meet and to talk to the lay people involved in our apostolate as well as to the sisters – the Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer. This is a young Congregation that has grown in Ukraine and who work alongside our confreres in the cities of Lviv, Ternopil, Kamianec-Podilsky and Chernihiv. Sisters also participate in the mission team preaching itinerant Missions and Retreats. It is a powerful testimony of how the gift of the Redemptorist charism is lived as a brother, priest or sister for the one common mission with a variety of gifts.

In the parishes, lay people actively collaborate in pastoral endeavors. Their vibrant presence and contribution in fields like catechesis, youth programs, parish confraternities, etc. are largely due to the encouragement and support they receive from the confreres. In return, our confreres are much loved and appreciated by them.

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