Apostolic Priorities

Everyone of us knows very well that new times demands new vision. So the last General Chapter gave as the special theme for this sexennium (2009-2015) and the goal: “to preach the Gospel ever anew (St. Clement). Renewed Hope, Renewed Hearts, Renewed Structures for Mission.” The Chapter decided that we will realise this goal in the new Conferences of our Congregation.

The primary purpose of these Conferences is to facilitate a wider missionary discernment. This discernment have implications for the pastoral priorities and projects of the Conference, as well as each Unit.

Fidelity to our mission is the reason for and the goal of authentic restructuring which is starting in our Congregation. Fidelity to that mission also demands that we establish and implement apostolic priorities. But not every apostolic endeavor, no matter how praiseworthy in itself, can be identified as an expression of our missionary priorities (cf. Consts. 13‐17). To draw our apostolic endeavors closer to our priorities will involve ongoing discernment, decision and evaluation.

For almost two years the Assembly of the Conference of Redemptorists of Europe and the Preparatory Commission, with Fr. Michael Kelleher as the chairman, have been working on the document: “The Apostolic Priorities of CRE”.

The document was finished during the fourth Assembly of CRE in Dublin in October 2011. Fr. General Michael Brehl approved “the Priorities of the Conference of Redemptorists in Europe” on 21st of December 2011.

This approval is just the beginning of our work. The pastoral priorities of each Unit should be in harmony with the pastoral priorities of the Conference as a whole, and each Unit must continue to discern and develop also its own pastoral priorities. It is our conviction that no Unit should act in isolation in relation to our common pastoral priorities. The priorities of each Unit will be shared with the Assembly of the Conference and also the Priorities of CRE will be evaluated by the representatives of all our Units in Europe.

Thank you to all who dedicated their time and their skills for the preparation of this document. May this document help us to be more faithful to our Redemptorist vocation in the new European reality.

Fr. Jacek Zdrzałek CSsR
Coordinator of the Conference of Redemptorist of Europe

Priorities [PDF]