REDCAMP 2015 Venice

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Month of Renewal – Tuchów 2015

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General Visit to St. Clement 24.04 – 26.05.2015

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Meeting of Social Ministry Group 20-22.04.2015 Lyon

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Meeting of the OLPH Commission in Warsaw 14-15.04.2015

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Palm Sunday – Bathore, Albania 29/03/2015

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Palm Sunday – Kamez, Albania 29/03/2015

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Palm Sunday – Luz, Albania 29/03/2015

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General Secretariat for Formation 03/15

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Meeting of Five Coordinators

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Meeting of Formation Communities (Poland)

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General Visit in Vienna-Munich Province 02-03/2015

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Visit of the Coordinator in Albania 3-7/02/2015

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Missionary Sisters of the MOst Holy Redeemer in CRE

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The contemplative Redemptoristines (OSSR) in the CRE

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Ukraine still needs our prayers

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Assembly of CRE – Lviv 2014

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Pilgrimage of seminarians 17-23.08.2014

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REDCAMP – Cracow 2014

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