Why we have 5 Conferences

The development of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) under St. Alphonsus, its expansion under St. Clement, the establishment of Provinces (1841) and the reunification of the Congregation under Fr Mauron (1869) can be read as courageous restructurings.

Perhaps the most radical restructuring ever undertaken by the Congregation was the elaboration of the new Constitutions and Statutes, which were promulgated on February 25, 1982.

In recent times we have seen how a variety of bold initiatives in the relationship between Units, initial formation and solidarity have led to new structures.

Beginning with the XXI General Chapter of 1991 and continuing through the XXIII General Chapter of 2003 the theme of Restructuring has been a constant concern. The General Chapter in 2003 asked the General Council to continue the restructuring of the Congregation and the Commission for Restructuring was mandated by the General Chapter to carry this process forward. It is also significant that at all the mid-sexenial meetings (2006) and at all the pre-chapter meetings (2009) there was consensus about the need for restructuring.

XXIV General Chapter (2009) decided that there are five Conferences in our Congregation:

  • Conference of Redemptorists of Asia‐Oceania
  • Conference of Redemptorists of Africa and Madagascar
  • Conference of Redemptorists of Europe
  • Conference of Redemptorists of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Conference of Redemptorists of North America