New Missionary Initiatives

This group reflects on:

  • new ways of evangelization,
  • new opportunities for parish missions and retreats,
  • a new vision for our communities in order to give witness of God’s presence among us,
  • the new evangelization through inter-provincial communities,
  • our participation in the New Evangelization of Europe (in the work and the proposals of the Synod for the New Evangelization),
  • our participation in the “Year of Faith” in the Church,
    • to gather the new evangelization initiatives,
    • to promote them in the Redemptorist spirit,
    • to inspire us for more radical choices in our community and personal life.

The members of the group: “New Missionary Initiatives”:

  • Fr. Pawel Drobot (Warsaw Province) – as the chairman;
  • Fr. Luigi Ramazzotti (Rome Province)
  • Fr. António Marinho (Lisbon Province)
  • Fr. Désiré Zante (Lyon-Paris Province)
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