Visit of the Coordinator of the CRE and the Provincial of Rome to Albania

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The Interprovincial Community in Albania welcomed the Coordinator of the Conference of the Redemptorist of Europe (Fr. Jacek Zdrzalek) and the Provincial of Rome Province (Fr. Giovanni Congiu) from 27th February to 2nd March 2016.

Fr. Gianni Congiu’s visit was to obtain first hand knowledge of the experience of Br. Leszek Pys during his pastoral year of preparation for perpetual profession. Br. Leszek shares not only the life and the mission of the community, but is also doing the important work of evangelization with children and youth, especially with the Catholic community at the chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kasallë.

The Community and the Coordinator of the CRE are very pleased with this missionary commitment initiated by the Rome Province through one of their students, and they hope that in the future more students will have the possibility of knowing this mission which is directly linked with the Redemptorists of the CRE.

The visitors were able to meet the members of the community during the Sunday celebrations, and were also able to visit various social works carried out in our churches.

There were also moments for dialogue, celebration and visits to Kosovo and Montenegro, neighbouring countries of Albania.

Faleminderit për vizitën juaj!

Fr. Laureano del Otero CSsR

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