XXV General Chapter has just begun

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The Canonical Phase of the General Chapter has begun on 31 October 2016 at the Redemptorist Centre, Pattaya City, Chonburi, Thailand. There are 101 capitulars, and with support staff, we are in total 116 members from 81 countries

The General Chapter starts with the Report of the Superior General and with two days of retreat given by Cardinal Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle from Manilia (Philippines).

The principal purposes of the Chapter are:

–        To care for the apostolic life of the whole Congregation, to strengthen the links that bind the individual parts together (Congregation, Conferences, (Vice) Provinces and Regions, as well as the General Government and Institutes such as the Communitá Sant’Alfonso, Alphonsian Academy, Collegio Maggiore, etc.) and to further the adaptation of structures and norms of life for the sake of the mission entrusted to the Congregation.

–        To carefully examine the state of the Congregation and its fidelity to the Charism, including the process of restructuring, as well as present issues of greater importance existing in the Congregation, in its different (Vice) Provinces and Regions, in the Church and in the world.

–        To propose guidelines for the whole Congregation in accordance with C. 109-a;

–        To provide for the general government of the Congregation, including the election of the Superior General, his Vicar and the General Consultors.

Fr. Jacek Zdrzalek

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