Meeting of the Secretariat of Evangelization

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The Secretariat of Evangelization of the CRE met for its annual meeting in Rome on 7 February. Present were Fr Jacek Zdrzałek, Coordinator of the CRE, Fr Pedro López, President of the Secretariat of Evangelization, Fr Martin Huk, President of the Partnership in Mission Commission, and Fr Pietro Sulkowski, President of the Youth Commission. Fr. Pawel Drobot, chair of the Working Group of the New Missionary Initiatives, and Fr. Winfried Pauly, chair of the Working Group on Social Ministry sent their contributions.

The pastoral work of the various groups in 2016 were evaluated. There were many meetings prepared by different commissions especially during the months of July and August: the Pilgrim Project in Astorga (Spain), WYD in Cracow (Poland), the Youth Meeting in Wroclaw (Poland) and others.

During the meeting, the Message and Decisions given by the last General Chapter, held in Pattaya (Thailand), were studied and in a special way those decisions which are connected to the work of the Secretariat.

One part of our work was focused on different projects that will be carried out during this year 2017.

– A meeting of the Social Ministry Working Group will be held in Bochum (Germany) from 21 to 23 March. The participants will learn about refugee camps and they will have an experience of interreligious dialogue with Muslims in the city. The confreres of the various Units of the CRE are invited to take part in the meeting.

– The Partnership in Mission Group will have a meeting in June to evaluate the work done in the last sexennium and to prepare the Second Meeting of Lay and Religious Redemptorists on the Conference level in 2018.

– The Group of New Missionary Initiatives is preparing the next REDCAMP, (school of evangelization). It will be held from 11 to 17 July 2017 in Porto and in Vila Nova di Gaia (Portugal). It is open to all Units.

– The Youth Commission will meet in Granada (Spain) from 12 to 15 July, 2017. The members will meet with the youth delegates from the various Units of the Conference to prepare the European Meeting of Youth in Granada in 2018.

– The Pilgrim Project in Astorga (Spain) will be active during the months of July and August. It will serve the pilgrims who go to Santiago de Compostela. Volunteers from the different Conference Units are needed.

Once again, we thank the Community of San Gioacchino in Rome for the fraternal welcome which we received during our meeting.

Pedro López, CSSR

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