Letter from the Coordinator, No. 27 (18.05.2017)


Letter from the Coordinator, No. 27  (18.05.2017)

Dear Confreres,

Dear Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer,

Dear Partners in Mission.

Just a few weeks ago we finished a European Event in Madrid to celebrate Our Mother of Perpetual Help. This congress has started the so-called missionary phase of the 150th Anniversary of the handing over of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help to our Redemptorist confreres. I thank the preparatory commission, all the presenters, the Madrid Province and the participants from all 14 Units in the CRE for their work, hospitality, presence and enthusiasm.

One of the aspects of this phase of the OLPH jubilee is the pilgrimage of two icons blessed by Pope Francis through the communities in the CRE. The primary purpose of the visits of these icons is to have Redemptorists recommit themselves to the mission originally given to us by Blessed Pope Pius IX. This was to “make Mary known” to the whole world and to start something new. This “something new” is the task for all of us. In these weeks one icon is travelling among the communities in the Region of Saint Gerard in Russia and Kazachstan and another in the Madrid Province in Spain. I hope and pray that this jubilee will give us a new creativity and a renewed devotion to this important aspect of our Redemptorist Charism.

Vacation Time: the chance for evangelisation and formation

For most of us, summer time is a chance to spend a few weeks of the year in a different way and outside the place where we do our everyday work. As usual the CRE invites the confreres and our Partners in Mission to common evangelisation projects as well as the formation programmes in the CRE. I encourage you  to participate in these meetings. Detailed information for all the events can be found in three languages (English, Spanish, Italian) on the web-page of the CRE (www.cssr-europe.com). So below you will find only general information about: what is prepared, the goals of the gatherings, when, where. Information about the meetings are published on our web-page (for detailed material) and at the end you will find information for whom this invitation is given.

Invitations to the Evangelisation Events

Porto www Lv

REDCAMP (School of evangelisation); 11-16 July 2017 in Porto and in Vila Nova di Gaia; Portugal. This evangelisation meeting will be composed of catecheses based on the biblical kerygma, workshops and the daily celebration of Holy Mass. The plan includes also a pilgrimage to the Marian shrine in Fatima (to celebrate 100 years of the apparitions of Our Lady) and evangelisation meetings for residents and tourists on the streets in Porto. More information about REDCAMP 2017 in Porto and in Gaia can be found on the webpage of REDCAMP: www.redcamp.eu) (also: CRE www: 22 October 2016) (for all)

Christian accompaniment on the Camino de Santiago at CASA ACC SAN ALFONSO, from the 1 July to 20 August 2017, in Astorga, Spain. For the fifth consecutive year, the Secretariat for Evangelisation offers Christian accompaniment on the Camino de Santiago. The small international community (8 people maximum per week) will assist pilgrims who pass through Astorga on their way to Santiago in July and August. This missionary experience responds to two challenges: 1) it seeks to answer the call of Pope Francis for a New Evangelization by creating new spaces for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Redeemer with creativity and courage; 2) it also seeks to create a common European space in the CRE for faith sharing for youth and  young adults. (CRE www: 3 March 2017) (for all).

www Astorga 580

The Interprovincial Community in Albania invites Redemptorists, our students and Lay Collaborators from various Units to help and to spend time in a mission experience during the summer months: July-August 2017. It is a great joy that so many decided to volunteer for this work in Albania during these past years.  (for those who plan to go to Albania, please contact directly our confreres in Albania: Fr. Laureano: laureanodel@gmail.com  or Fr. Andrew: amichon@wp.pl)

The Preparatory Gathering for the XI Youth European Meeting (Granada-August 2018) will be held in Spain. The first part is from 12 to 15 July 2017 in Granada and Madrid and the second part from 16 to 23 July 2017 in El Espino (XXXV Youth Mission). The Preparatory Commission invites the Youth Ministry Delegate of every Unit, with one or two young people of every Unit to this preparatory meeting. A letter has been sent to link persons for Youth Ministry in every Unit with all the details. If you need more information – please contact: Fr. Miguel Castro Castro (Madrid Province) email: doscastros@gmail.com or Fr. Piotr Sulkowski (Youth Commission of the CRE) email: piotr.sulk@libero.it (CRE www: 16 February 2017) (for the delegates from every Unit of the CRE)

Invitation to the Formation Meetings

Common preparation before Perpetual Vows in the CRE 2017 in Kraków and in Tuchów (Poland) from 4 July to 4 August 2017;  (CRE www: 3 April 2017) (for those before perpetual vows)

Formation for the who are in the Transition to Ministry in Tuchów (Poland) from 17 to 29 July 2017: (CRE www: 3 April 2017) (for confreres who are in Transition to Ministry or are in ministry for less than ten years)

It is a joy for all of us that the Interprovincial Novitiate in Ciorani will be born anew. This will start on 1 September 2017 with novices from the Provinces of Naples and Madrid. It is the Novitiate for Southern Europe (CRE www. 5 April 2017). Last year the Interprovincial Novitiate in Lubaszowa-Podoliniec started its activity for most of the Slav Units. Congratulations to both Novitiates! We look forward to an English speaking Novitiate in Europe!

I wish you a very good rest during this vacation time, and I pray that many new inspirations will emerge from our evangelization and formation meetings.

Jacek Zdrzałek C.Ss.R.

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