Formation Secretariat of the CRE

SF 2017

A meeting of the Formation Secretariat of the Conference of Europe took place in San Gioacchino on 16th December.

Present were the Coordinator of the Conference, Fr. Jacek Zdrzałek, the newly appointed Coordinator Fr. Johannes Römelt , Fr. Vaclav Hypius representing the General Secretariat for Formation and the members of the European Secretariat, Fathers Ronald McAinsh, Metod Lukacik and Maurizio Iannuario. Fr. Piotr Chyła, one of the new consulters for the Conference and also appointed to be responsible for formation for the Conference could not be present.

The main item on the agenda was preparation for the gathering of formators which will take place in Trois-Epis from 10  to 12 April 2018. A considerable amount of time was spent on the logistics of this meeting as well as preparing the input. Consideration was given to the decisions made at the Assembly of the Conference in Perth in September.

The month of preparation for perpetual vows will take place in Lviv in 2018 and this usually includes an opportunity for those 10 years after Perpetual Vows to participate for part of the course. Preparations and recommendations were made for this meeting.

The Coordinator thanked everyone for their work over the past seven years and in turn the gratitude of the group for his hard work was also expressed.

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

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