Introduction of the New Coordinators

From January 15th to the 19th, 2018, the General Government met with the new coordinators of the Conferences to introduce and plan the Congregation’s agenda for the rest of the sexennium.

Present at the meetings were also the General Secretary, Father Brendan Kelly, C.Ss.R., and invited were the three former coordinators: Fathers Jacek Zdrzalek (Europe), Guy-Arnaud Agbossaga (Africa and Madagascar) and Manuel Rodríguez Delgado (Latin America and the Caribbean).

The main topics treated at this week-long meeting were the developments in the Conferences and the work of the General Government since the XXV General Chapter; the relationships between the Coordinators, the Consultors, the Conference Assemblies and the Secretariats and Commissions; initial and ongoing formation; the extraordinary visitations; the work of the Commissions for the Apostolic and Restructuring Plans and future planning.

The week was very productive and provided, especially for the new coordinators important elements and instruments for their ministry to the Conferences and Congregation. During the eucharist at the feast of Blessed Peter Donders Fr. General Superior Michael Brehl introduced the Coordinators in their office with a special blessing.

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Photo, left to right: Jacek Zdrzalek (Former Coordinator, Europe), Manuel Rodriguez Delgado (Former Coordinator, Latin America and the Caribbean), Johannes Römelt (Coordinator, Europe), Zephyrin Luyila (Coordinator, Africa and Madagascar), Michael Brehl (Superior General), Jovencio Ma (Coordinator, Asia and Oceania), Marcelo Araujo (Coordinator, Latin America and the Caribbean), Jack Kingsbury (Coordinator, North America), Guy-Arnaud Agbossega (Former Coordinator, Africa and Madagascar)

Already before the meeting the coordinator Fr. Johannes Römelt and the new consultors of the CRE, Fr. Gianni Congiu (Provincial Superior of Rome) and Fr. Piotr Chyla (director of the Center of Spirituality, Rome) visited the interprovincial community in Albania from January 8th to the 14th, 2018. The had the opportunity to get a direct impression of the actual situation of the common mission of the Redemptorists of Europe in Kamez and especially to welcome Fr. Manlio Cirimele (province of Naples) as new member of the interprovincial community.

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Photo, left to right: Laureano del Otero, Piotr Chyla, Manlio Cirimele, Johannes Römelt, Gianni Congiu, Andrzej Michon

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