Feast of St. Alphonsus – Letter of the Coordinator No 2 (01.08.2018)

Dear Confreres,

Dear Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer,

Dear Partners in Mission,


The Redemptorist European Youth Meeting 2018 ALL TOGETHER was concluded last Sunday in Granada. These were intense days of meeting and celebrating the faith. From a number of participants I have heard very positive and even enthusiastic reactions. Once again I would like to thank the preparatory group of the Redemptorists and our partners from the Province of Madrid and beyond, who, through their careful work in advance, have made this Youth Mission possible.

A moving moment was the closing Eucharist of the meeting. Piotr and Ana of the Polish group have given a special testimony of their faith by celebrating their marriage. The Redemptorists present have renewed their vows, and at the end of the celebration, a group of Spanish young people received the missionary cross and were sent out. In various ways the basic idea of the celebration has been expressed: We are All Together sent, called by the Redeemer and sent to serve.

As part of the Conference of the Redemptorists of Europe, there are various working groups to assist and encourage the Redemptorists and Partners in mission. I am grateful that so many of the confreres and our partners have agreed to collaborate in the working groups. In this letter I express my sincere thanks to all of you. Likewise, I thank all the confreres and our partners who have worked in the groups so far and are now completing their task.

Together with my two councilors, Father Gianni Congiu and Father Piotr Chyla, and in consultation with the (Vice) Provincials, we have prepared the list of the secretariats and working groups of the CRE which I publish in this letter.


Secretariat for Formation

Fr. Piotr Chyla (chair), Fr. Vaclav Hypius, Fr. Ronald McAinsh, Fr. Maurizio Ianuario, Fr. Mariusz Chyrowski.


Secretariat for Evangelization

Fr. Gianni Congiu (chair), Fr. Paweł Drobot, Mr. Eric Corsius, Sr. Ulrike Schnürer, Fr. Miguel Castro Castro.


Working groups of the Secretariat for Evangelization

– Youth ministry      

Fr. Paweł Drobot (chair), Mrs. María de Rosario Aguilar López, Fr. Piotr Sulkowski, Fr. Laureano del Otero, Mr. Brendan Dineen.

– Partnership in Mission

Mr. Eric Corsius (chair), Fr. Martin Leitgöb, Mrs. Susana Braguês, Mr. Bohus Zivcak.

– Social Ministry      

Fr. Winfried Pauly, Sr. Ulrike Schnürer (MSsR) (chairs), Sr. Renate Drexler (MSsR), Fr. Guillermo Ulianov Urquizo Vasquez, Fr. Ivan Levitsky, Mr. Jelle Wind.

– New missionary initiatives

Fr. Miguel Castro Castro (chair), Fr. Daniele Carta, Mr. José Silva Oliveira, Fr. Charles Randall, Fr. Rasto Dluhy.


Secretariat for Brothers

Br. Gerardo Giordano (chair), Br. Marcos Vinicius, Br. Michael Duxbury, Fr. Metod Lukaczik, Br. Krysztof Makowski, Br. Marinus Marx.


Commission for Finances   

Fr. Piotr Chyla (chair), Fr. Janusz Sok, Fr. Jan Hafmans, Fr. Ivan Horban.


Today we celebrate the feast of our founder, Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori. It is his example which fundamentally told us what it means to be called by the Redeemer and to serve. May the Redeemer gives us at the intercession of Saint Alphonsus the right direction and the necessary energy for our journey as Redemptorist and partner in the Redemptorist charism in Europe. I wish you all a happy feast day of Saint Alphonsus!

Fraternally in the Redeemer

Fr. Johannes Römelt CSsR

Coordinator of Europe

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