Redemptorist Volunteering 2020

EN 1 Volunteering

Volunteering, especially by young people, has been growing in recent years as an expression of faith and Christian values. In the same way, many Redemptorist laypeople have found in the Volunteer Movement a means to immerse themselves in the Redemptorist charism and to take part in the mission of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Thus, the General Secretariat for Evangelization has seen the need to take steps to coordinate the volunteer work being done in various places of mission within the Congregation. Some NGOs linked to the Redemptorists – all located in the Conference of Europe: SERVE (Ireland), Asociación para la Solidaridad (Spain) and Redemptorist Volunteer Ministry (Germany) – have already been exploring ways to share their experiences and open up spaces for participation in their fields of work.

EN 2 Volunteering

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