REDCAMP 2014 is over

REDCAMP (the International Summer School of Evangelization) finished on the 2nd August in Kraków. We concluded the meeting by celebrating the Greek-catholic liturgy. For the first time this assembly was held under the auspices of the Conference of Redemptorist of Europe.

Twenty-seven people from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy and Spain took part in this meeting, but for one day the community was even more multinational when young Redemptorists – who were taking part in a Month of Spiritual Renewal in Tuchów – joined the school. They came from Italy, Ireland, UK, Germany, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Slovakia and Iraq.

The main goal of the REDCAMP was to prepare participants for real, direct evangelization on the streets of the city. So catechesis and lectures were focused on kerygma (the basic way of proclaiming the Jesus as the Saviour).

They got to know and had the opportunity for personal experiences of, the various elements of the kerygma: love of God, salvation and sin, entrusting life to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the community of the Church.

In addition to lectures, there were also workshops to prepare for giving personal witnesses and for proclamation of the word.

The evening celebrations of the REDCAMP became very important moments of this process. They were related to reconciliation, to entrusting our lives to Jesus and to being sent on Mission.

On the feast of St. Alphonsus (the founder of Redemptorists) the participants organised evangelization on the streets. They went directly to the inhabitants and to the tourists in various districts of Kraków. That day in the evening there was an evening of praise and thanksgiving in the Redemptorist Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kraków. The prayer in many languages was a special time of giving glory to God.

The most visible aspects of the school were the international dimensions and the various realities of the modern Church. It was also the sign of unity and hope for Europe where the new ways of evangelisation are needed.

The next meeting of REDCAMP will take place in Venice during the last week of July 2015.

Fr Pawel Drobot, CSsRRedcamp 2014 KRK 2

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