Aware of our history in which Religious Life is very strongly associated with the life and the work of Redemptorist Brothers, and aware of the signs of times, when for the first time we have a Brother as Consultor General, the Secretariat for the Brothers would take care of:

  • the integration of Brothers in the various Units and also at the level of the whole Conference (different formation meetings, fraternal and so on);
  • creating a new vision of Brothers because of the social, cultural changes which are taking place in Europe;
  • vocations’ ministry related to the promotion of the Brothers in the various Units of the Conference;
  • reflection on the role of Brothers in inter-provincial communities, as well as their ways of evangelization.

The members of the Secretariat for the Brothers are:

  • Fr. Edmund Hipp (Munich Province) – as the chairman
  • Br. Michael Duxbury (London Province)
  • Fr. Ryszard Hajduk (Warsaw Province)
  • Br. Hermann Holtkamp (San Clemente Province)
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